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Selling the Rio Grande Valley

Throughout the course of my blog I have been speaking about the life and culture of the Rio Grande Valley. But I realized a great way to really get people to understand the culture in the Rio Grande Valley would be to sell it in a way. So in this post I will discuss the reasons that the Rio Grande Valley is a great place to live. To do this I will talk about five key points that Rio Grande Valley has that not only makes it unique but also make it a great place to live.

The first of these points is the cost of living. The Rio Grande Valley has an exceptionally low cost of living compared to the rest of the United States. With a low cost of living the Rio Grande Valley is a place where the dollar travels farther then it would anywhere else. This is exceptionally help for people who live here or plan to more and is also a major factor when deciding where you live or have a business. For business this low cost of living is great as they are more affordably able to meet their needs. Purchasing land, building or leasing property and hiring skilled labor at affordable costs are all computed by businesses before relocating or opening a new location are considered. Given that a business has the prospect of owning/leasing property and staffing at a percentage vastly cheaper than other places in the United States, it’s of little surprise that all types of industry are looking at the Rio Grande Valley for starting or relocating. In addition to businesses, families also has needs that need to be met. The income that a family generates should always be greater than their expenses to keep away from debt. The cost of living, whether renting or owning the roof over your head, is drastically cheaper in the Rio Grande Valley. This allows for income generated by a family to stretch further then it would most anywhere else in the country.

The second point that I want to make is the safety in Rio Grande Valley. Although one would think that it is dangerous in the Rio Grande Valley because of the Cartel and Drug War in Mexico that is not necessarily the case. In fact the two sections which form a Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) in the Rio Grande Valley are ranked extremely well compared to other metropolitan statistical areas in Texas. In 2013, the Federal Bureau of Investigations ranked the Brownsville-Harlingen MSA as the safest of 24 MSA’s in Texas. Meanwhile, the McAllen MSA was ranked particularly well too coming in as the sixth safest MSA in Texas. The reason for low crime and respectable safety statistics in the Rio Grande Valley is the abundant population of varying law enforcement agencies located in the RGV.

The next point that I will discuss is the health care in the Rio Grande Valley. Health care is a valid concern for people everywhere but in the Rio Grande thanks to thriving hospitals, medical specialists & emerging practices and clinics finding dependable health care is not as much of an issue. Additionally a recent change is the founding of a new medical in the Rio Grande Valley. The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) all but secured the future of prominent health care in the RGV by establishing the UTRGV School of Medicine in 2016. Because of this feat, for decades to come, UTRGV will be graduating medical professionals that will have an impact all over the world, including the Rio Grande Valley. 

Another point that I will focus on is just the overall quality of life. As I discussed in a previous post the quality of life in the Rio Grande Valley is amazing and more recently it has increased even more. Little by little, but rather expeditiously of late, the RGV has grown into a region that has everything. The stores and restaurants that only existed in the “big cities” are now commonplace. But it’s not just restaurants and name brand stores that make living in the RGV great, it’s the total package that makes life in South Texas great.

The final point that make the Rio Grande Valley great is the growth and potential growth that it has. 
The Rio Grande Valley has grown significantly the last few decades. So much so then people who haven’t been down in a while they are astonished how much positive change the Rio Grande Valley has realized. Each of the four counties in the Rio Grande Valley now have true “assets” or “selling points” that draw in families and tourists to the respective areas. In addition to the fact that we can showcase a region has experienced the fastest growth in the United States, the Rio Grande Valley possesses a more impressive element that can’t be ignored; the potential for growth. Our local leaders have done very well setting our area up with two key elements; solid infrastructure and education. When coupling infrastructure and education together with the Rio Grande Valley’s current business environment, abundant skilled labor, geographical location and desirable weather, the ability for growth is so large it’s unmistakable.

As can be scene by these three key points the Rio Grande Valley has definitely become a great place to live and by looking at these point you can get a deeper understanding of how life here works. The Rio Grande Valley is very unique and not only has it given me a great upbringing but can also give one to anyone.